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Miscarriage Prenatal Decision Making
Stillbirth/Infant Death SIDS
Bereaved Parents Children and Grief
Grandparents and Grief Pregnancy After a Loss
General Bereavement  

Empty Arms : Emotional Support for Those Who Have Suffered Miscarriage or Stillbirth
Pamela W. Vredevelt, Questar Pub., 1995. ISBN: 0880708107

In Heavenly Arms: Grieving the Loss Healing the Wounds of Miscarriage
by Shari L. Bridgman. ISBN 0965769836

Miscarriage : A Man's Book
by Rick Wheat. ISBN 1561230820

Miscarriage : Women Sharing from the Heart
by Marie Allen, Shelly Marks. ISBN 0471548340

Our Stories of Miscarriage: Healing With Words
by Rachel Fadet, Fairview Press, 1997. ISBN 1577490339

Silent Grief : Miscarriage-Finding Your Way Through the Darkness
by Clara Hinton. ISBN 089221371X

A Silent Sorrow: Pregnancy Loss - Guidance and Support for You and Your Family
by Ingrid Kohn, et al, 2000. Routledge; ISBN: 0415924812


Prenatal Decision Making

A Time to Decide a Time to Heal : For Parents Making Difficult Decisions About Babies They Love
by Molly A. Minnick, et al ; Paperback. ISBN: 1878526391

Precious Lives Painful Choices : A Prenatal Decision-Making Guide
by Sherokee Ilse. Wintergreen Pr; 1993 ISBN: 0960945695


Stillbirth/Infant Death

Dear Cheyenne, A Journey into Grief, A Collection of Angels &Love, A Celebration of Motherhood.
Joanne Cacciatore, Mothers in Sympathy & Support,
1999. ISBN: 0966301501

Empty Cradle, Broken Heart: Surviving the Death of Your Baby
Deborah L. Davis, Fulcrum Pub., 1999. ISBN: 1555913024

Ended Beginnings: Healing Childbearing Losses.
Claudia Panuthos and Catherine Romeo, Bergin & Garvey, 1984. ISBN: 089789054X

Free to Grieve - Always Precious in Our Memory: Reflections After Miscarriage, Stillbirth or Neonatal Death.
Maureen Rank, Bethany House, 1985, ISBN: 0871238063

Help, Comfort and Hope After Losing Your Baby in Pregnancy or the First Year
1997. Fisher Books; ISBN: 1555611206

How to Go on Living After the Death of a Baby
Larry G. Peppers, Ronald J. Knapp, Peachtree Pub. 1985. ISBN: 093194869X

Love, Labour and Loss: Stillbirth and Neonatal Death
Jo Benson, Scarlet Press, 1996. ISBN: 1857270630

Loss During Pregnancy or in the Newborn Period: Principles of Care With Clinical Cases and Analyses
James R. Woods and Jennifer Woods, 1997. ISBN: 0965531007

Still to Be Born
by Pat Schwiebert and Paul Kirk. ISBN 096151972X

Tears of Sorrow, Seeds of Hope : A Jewish Spiritual Companion for Infertility and Pregnancy Loss
by Nina Beth Cardin ; Hardcover 1999. Jewish Lights Pub; ISBN: 1580230172

When a Baby Dies : The Experience of Late Miscarriage, Stillbirth, and Neonatal Death
by Nancy Kohner, Alix Henley ; Paperback 2001. Routledge; ISBN: 0415252768

When a Baby Dies: A Handbook for Healing and Helping
by Rana K. Limbo, et al ; Paperback 1998. ISBN: 0960709843



I Wasn't Ready to Say Goodbye : Surviving, Coping and Healing After the Sudden Death of a Loved One
by Brook Noel, Pamela D. Blair ; Paperback 2000. Champion Pr Ltd; ISBN: 1891400274

The Chance to Say Goodbye
by Deborah R. Gemmill ; Paperback 1991. Beachcomber Press; ISBN: 0963034103

The SIDS Survival Guide : Information and Comfort for Grieving Family and Friends and Professionals Who Seek to Help Them
by Joani Nelson Horchler, Robin Rice Morris ; Paperback. SIDS Educational Services; ISBN: 0964121883


Bereaved Parents

A Child Dies: A Portrait of Family Grief
Joan Hagan Arnold, Penelope Buschman Gemma, The Charles Press, 1994. ISBN: 0914783726

After the Death of a Child: Living With Loss Through the Years
Anne K. Finkbeiner, Free Press, 1996. ISBN: 0684829657

After the Darkest Hour the Sun Will Shine Again: A Parent's Guide to Coping With the Loss of a Child
Elizabeth Mehren, Fireside Press, 1997. ISBN: 0684811707

Anna: A Daughter's Life
William Loizeaux, Arcade Pub., 1993. ISBN: 1559701978

Closer to the Light : Learning from Near Death Experiences of Children
by Melvin Morse, Raymond A. Moody ; Paperback by Beth Powning ; Hardcover. Ivy Books; ISBN: 0804108323

Forever Our Angels by Hannah Stone;
Parents share their stories of loss, grief, and recovery in a way that lets bereaved families know that they are not alone and that there is hope after loss. Paperback 2006. ISBN: 1-4116-7073-6

Give Them Wings and Let Them Fly:...
by Kimberli Brady; Poetry, prayer and positive affirmations to encourage and offer hope to those who have lost a child. Hardcover. Loyal Pub; July 2000; ISBN: 1929125135

How to Survive the Loss of a Child: Filling the Emptiness and Rebuilding Your Life
Catherine M. Sanders, Prima Pub., 1998. ISBN: 0761512896

Shadow Child: An Apprenticeship in Love and Loss
by Beth Powning ; Hardcover 2000. Carroll & Graf; ISBN: 0786707208

Stars In The Deepest Night
by Genesse Bourdeau Gentry ; Paperback 1999. Writers Club Press; ISBN: 1893652432

The Bereaved Parent
Harriet Sarnoff Schiff, Viking Press, 1978. ISBN: 0140050434

The Bereaved Parents' Survival Guide
Juliet Cassuto Rothman, Continuum Pub Group, 1997. ISBN: 0826410138

When the Bough Breaks : Forever After the Death of a Son or Daughter
by Judith R. Bernstein ; Paperback 1998. Andrews McMeel Publishing; ISBN: 0836252829

When Your Friend's Child Dies: A Guide to Being a Thoughtful and Caring Friend
by Julane Grant ; Paperback 1998. Angel Hugs Publishing; ISBN: 0966665503


Children and Grief

35 Ways to Help a Grieving Child
by Dougy Center Staff (Editor), The Dougy Center for Grieving Child ; Paperback 1999. ISBN: 189053403X

Badger's Parting Gifts
Susan Varley, Mulberry Books, 1992. ISBN: 0688115187

Heaven's Not a Crying Place: Teaching Your Child About Funerals, Death, and the Life Beyond
Joey O'Connor, Fleming H. Revell Co., 1997. ISBN: 0800756436

Helping Children Cope With the Loss of a Loved One: A Guide for Grownups
William C. Kroen, Free Spirit Pub, 1996. ISBN: 1575420007

Guiding Your Child Through Grief
by Mary Ann Emswiler M.A. M.P.S, James P. Emswiler ; Paperback 2000. ISBN: 0553380257

Lifetimes, The Beautiful Way to Explain Death to Children
Bryan Mellonie, Bantam Doubleday Dell Pub, 1987. ISBN: 0553344021

Stacy Had a Little Sister
Wendie C. Old, Concept Books, 1994. ISBN: 0807575984

Talking With Children About Loss : Words, Strategies, and Wisdom to Help Children
by Maria Trozzi, Kathy Massimini ; Paperback 1999. Perigee; ISBN: 0399525432

The Fall of Freddie the Leaf
Leo F. Buscaglia, Holt Rinehart & Winston, 1983. ISBN: 0805010645


Grandparents and Grief

Grandparents Cry Twice : Help for Bereaved Grandparents
by Mary Lou Reed ; Hardcover 2000. Baywood Pub Co; ISBN: 089503204X

Grandma's Tears: Comfort for Grieving Grandparents
June Cerza Kolf, Baker Book House, 1995. ISBN: 0801052645

When a Grandchild Dies: What to Do, What to Say, How to Cope
by Nadine Galinsky ; Paperback 1999. Gal In Sky Publishing Company; ISBN: 0967441609


Pregnancy After a Loss

Beginning Again : Sids Families Share Their Hopes, Dreams, Fears, & Joy
by Deborah R. Gemmill ; Paperback 1995. Beachcomber Pr; ISBN: 0963034111

Pregnancy After a Loss: A Guide to Pregnancy After a Miscarriage, Stillbirth or Infant Death
Carol Cirulli Lanhan, Berkeley Pub Group, 1999. ISBN: 0425170470

Trying Again: A Guide to Pregnancy After Miscarriage, Stillbirth and Infant Loss
Ann Douglas, Taylor Pub, 2000. ISBN: 0878331824


General Bereavement

Last Wishes : A Funeral Planning Manual and Survivors Guide
by Malcolm James, Victoria Lynn ; Spiral-bound 2000. Mavami Inc.; ISBN: 0970485301

When Bad Things Happen to Good People
Harold S. Kushner, Avon, 1994. ISBN: 0380603926

When Men Grieve : Why Men Grieve Differently and How You Can Help
by Elizabeth Levang ; Paperback 1998. Fairview Pr; ISBN: 1577490789


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