Family & Friends: Remembrances You Can Give the Family

Loss of a child before or shortly after birth leaves the family with very little in the way of concrete mementos. They may have a footprint, a lock of hair, maybe a Polaroid photo or two, but not much else to prove that a tiny human being once existed. For this reason, any efforts on your part to keep the baby’s memory alive will be most welcome. You may want to send a plant or flowers in a special baby vase or to plant a tree or shrub as a living, long-lasting memorial. Needlework, a plaque, or some other work of art or craft created personally by you is always a beautiful way to memorialize the baby’s name, as is an original poem. You may also want to make a donation to a charitable fund in the baby’s name. (Many organizations, including HAND, will send a special card to the family acknowledging your gift.)

Please, please, never feel that it is too late to make a loving gesture which expresses your feelings to the family about the death of their baby.