For Care Providers

The death of an infant is one of the most tragic events that can strike a family. Usually the death is unexpected and the parents are unprepared for the experience. Many times it will be their first encounter with death, especially one so close to their hearts.

As a caregiver, you are in a unique position to provide a level of care and sensitivity that can greatly affect the course of a family’s grieving process… Read Niki’s story >

At the Hospital

Recognize that their infant is unique and irreplaceable. No matter the age of the baby, it is important to realize that parental bonding begins long before birth and that a newborn is already very much a part of his/her family. Learn more >

Follow Up – General Guide

Realize that for the parent, returning to an obstetrician’s or pediatrician’s office can and will be very difficult. Learn more >

Special Considerations

Be sensitive to cultural differences. Not all cultures express grief or respond to death in the same manner. Learn more >

Care for the Caregiver – General Guide

Caregivers do grieve for the death of their patients and often experience shock, isolation, guilt and anxiety. Learn more >


HAND offers materials (listed below) to professionals for a nominal fee. Please see attached form for pricing and ordering instructions. Download order form >

Parent Brochure – English
Professional Brochure – English
Direct Mail Card-English
Unsung Lullabies – English
Bereavement Packet – English
Unsung Lullabies – Spanish
Bereavement Packet – Spanish
Healthcare Provider’s Manual – English

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