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HAND welcomes letters and other contributions to our annual letter. If you choose to submit materials to HAND, you agree that HAND and its designees may reproduce, modify and otherwise use the submitted materials without compensation or attribution to you both in this publication and in other forms or media as further detailed in our publication guidelines.

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Handprints is a quarterly newsletter published by HAND and distributed to parents, hospitals and health care providers as a source of information and support.Handprints is a publication of Helping After Neonatal Death. Material contained in this newsletter may only be reprinted with written permission and credit to the source.

A short story by Lauren T. Klein
I searched for a hair-tie in the kitchen junk drawer. Even in our new fancy house, there was a junk drawer. My son, Matthew, age three, called it the “yunk” drawer. He thought it was a treasure trove. After two months, his hospitalized, ill, infant brother was supposed to come home. I was on the phone, the coiled white cord fully stretched across the kitchen counter. Read more >

“Unsung Lullabies – A Parents Guide to Healing After Childbearing Loss” (HAND 1992, 2000).
A parent manual that discuss the grief process, miscarriage, stillbirth, neonatal death, repeated loss and multiple pregnancy, impact on a relationship, sibling support, helping the bereaved, creating memories, subsequent pregnancy and more. Includes parent stories and recommended reading, Internet resources and a listing of national and Northern California support groups. Download order form >

“Health Provider’s Manual for Helping After Perinatal Death” (HAND 1987).
A short but comprehensive booklet intended for professionals. Presents guidelines for supporting parents who have experienced a miscarriage, stillbirth or early infant death or who are facing a subsequent pregnancy. Also covers the topic of support for the caregiver. Download order form >